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At Heavy Duty Casters, we are dedicated to providing our customers with knowledge, experience, and personal customer service with a focus on shipping casters quickly from stock. By paying attention to your needs, we can assist you with a solution for the application required to move your product and get the job done. We offer high-quality, durable products at competitive prices.

Our main focus is supplying stainless steel industrial casters and wheels to OEM and pharmaceutical or food companies. Another focus is heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels, such as dual wheel and kingpinless style casters used in energy-related industries, military, and heavy-equipment moving. Also, we are exceptional at supplying wheels and casters for industrial material handling equipment and processes.

Another strong area of growth for us has been with our stainless-steel casters. We have light-duty stainless steel casters that are great for use on kitchen, restaurant, hospital, and lab room equipment. These are available with many different stem sizes or top plate options.

Additionally, we specialize in nursery casters, as we have started supplying one of the largest nurseries on the Eastern Seaboard and the Southeast United States with their medium-duty casters and wheels. These casters take a great deal of abuse traveling on the nursery grounds and onto trucks where they eventually make it to the big box stores and then back to the nursery.

And, of course, our heavy-duty and extreme-duty line of single and dual wheel casters have been in strong demand over the last five years. Dual wheel casters for extreme-heavy-duty applications are a real strong suit for us based on how quickly we can ship these casters paired with our great prices.

Many other wheels and casters for industrial material handling applications are our area of expertise! Call us today place your order or to discuss your specific caster and wheel application.